Antartica Comes to Your Screen

Connecting with the most remote place on earth

The world is getting smaller by the day! While technology is something you need to work at to stay on top of, it surely has opened doors. One of most remote places on earth has just been unveiled to millions of people with the launch of Google Street View Antarctica this past week ( Scientists have been conducting research in Antarctica for 100 years but this project marks a definite increase in accessibility to the world of the Antarctic. Not long ago we could not have imagined the technology that is exploding today and how it connects us with our planet.

My daughter, Allyson, a scientist, has been to Antarctica a number of times conducting research, so the continent has a special meaning for me. Please consider viewing the pictures offered on the southern most place on our earth. And think of Allyson staying warm there when she travels back later this year!


John Hindle

The Contact Hitter


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