November 11, 2012

Part of this is an excerpt from something I wrote previously. Remembrance Day – the thought of what my Dad went through during World War II is humbling. I feel such a sense of debt and gratitude.

In the spring of 2009, I stood on the beaches of Normandy and was mesmerized. I felt like I had been transported back 60+ years to that horrific and memorable day in June of 1944 when the largest sea invasion in history took place. The terror, the sacrifice, the valor – it was as if I was watching it in a movie, except my dad was in the movie!

As I stood on serene Juno Beach, those moments changed me forever. I will remember them as long as I live. Suddenly, World War II and the deepness of the sacrifice made by so many men sunk deep within me. I was upset with myself for not going to Juno Beach earlier with dad. Now I could only talk to his spirit and tell him thanks. I did stand on Juno Beach and talked to him – a great chat we should have had while he was still with us. While he was alive, Dad did not talk about the war until he was 88 years old.

I decided as I stood on that beach that I would never again take Remembrance Day for granted and I would do my share to keep its significance alive. The men and women who are defending or who have defended our freedom deserve that.

Thank you Dad! And thank you Mom, as well, who went overseas with the Canadian Red Cross. Your sacrifice paved the way for us to have such good lives!



  1. BWilliamson  November 12, 2012

    howdy John; Remembrance Day falling on a Sunday this year gave me occasion to wonder if people would recognize the Day or go about their business as usual. Lord knows, I have been guilty of the latter.
    Aidan, Connor and I reported to the cenotaph in Perth, as we should. I’m not sure if I should admit that I wept.
    But the lads thanked me for taking them. Lest we Forget.


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