John Hindle has been engaging audiences for years. With John, what you see is what you get – a person who is passionate about sharing his journey in order to help others.

For eight years he led the Winnipeg Goldeyes Professional Baseball Club to amazing success both on and off the field. He also started a little sporting goods business, Home Run Sports, in his garage and nourished it into one of the largest independent sports stores in the country.

Through these and other experiences, John developed into what he calls a good “contact hitter!” – someone who connects in a meaningful way with other people. He now shares his experiences with his audiences and challenges them to look at their attitudes and actions and to maximize their efforts to connect better with the people around them.

John has a very diverse background and has delivered presentations to a wide array of organizations. He can relate equally well to managers or front-line staff. He was a government inspector for many years, worked in private industry and ran his own company. While he admits there are differences, the principles to becoming a better contact hitter are the same and are beneficial to everyone.

Whether you are trying to provide good customer service, are energizing sales or other staff, are building stronger teams or are functioning as a leader, all of these roles have something in common – The importance of connecting with the people around you.

John is a recognized sports personality in Manitoba which combined with the fact that he has run successful businesses, places him in a unique category as a professional speaker. He has been in the trenches and he speaks from experience. John delivers his message in an entertaining manner which allows him to really connect with his audiences.