Blog #2 Final Preparations

Ever since last November when we won the right to represent our section in St. Louis, my bridge partner and I have been on a crash course to learn as much as possible about the game. Initially, we thought we could learn a new bidding system in a couple of months. How naive we were! People spend years refining their bidding systems and learning the nuances of playing the cards. Who knew it was so complicated?
To be fair, we have made great strides. We are much better players than we were four months ago. One of the reasons we have improved is because of the connections we have made with other players. In fact, building the connections with my lifetime friends (especially Jeff) and forging new friendships with fellow bridge players has been inspiring. Connecting with people is important to me and at the core of my speeches and business.
Many of the best players in Manitoba rallied to our support. I could not count the number of people who took the time to offer suggestions and guidance with our game. Meeting and interacting with these good people has, without a doubt, been one of the most gratifying aspects of this journey. We have established new relationships and friendships with people we would never have come into contact with. In St. Louis, we will feel like we are representing all of these people in the tournament. Their good wishes and help are very much appreciated!
For the past month Jeff and I have played or discussed bridge almost every day. There is always something to learn, read or adjust. There is too much, in fact. We started to become confused and some days seemed headed backwards. Earlier this week, Jeff called and said he had been reading a bridge book and wondered if we should apply what he had read. I couldn’t help but respond, “Jeff, it’s time to quit reading!” We both laughed.
Our trip is upon us and time to make changes to our bidding system is over. Like cramming for an exam, at some point you need to quit, get some rest and be in good spirits when the challenge arrives. When you next hear from me, we will be in St. Louis. We are anxious to see what it looks like to be a part of thousands of bridge players converging on one location.
On the eve of the trip, the excitement is real. As they stated in a trailer for Star Trek Voyageur, “It is not the destination that is important – It is the journey.” We have enjoyed the journey so far and the most exciting part of that journey is upon us!

John Hindle, The Contact Hitter

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