Blog #3 We’re in St. Louis

The experience is everything we hoped for and more so far. Arrived Monday and watched the world champion teams from many countries play. We sat right at their table and saw them in action. Later in the week nearing the finals, I think they can be watched on closed circuit. Everyone is friendly and helpful.

Bridge Adventure in St. Louis

We started our bridge playing yesterday and played three sessions totalling 10 hours. I did not know we could play that much in one day but we actually played better as the day went on. We actually scored our first master points at a national championship tournament! It was a great warm-up for our NAP tournament on the weekend.

We have met a lot of people who are impressed that we drove here from Winnipeg. We feel a part of something special and are taking in all aspects of the convention. Since this is our first time at a national convention, it is very special, so living it to the fullest is our goal.

The competition is stiff which we expected but everyone gets the same cards (like the saying we all put on our pants one leg at a time). We are feeling more and more comfortable. More bridge today and a city tour.

John Hindle, The Contact Hitter


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