Blog #4 The Learning Curve

The Learning Curve

Gold Rush Sessions

Like every new experience and adventure, there is much to learn. This is our first big bridge tournament and we are on a steep learning incline.

We managed our three sessions (ten hours) of bridge on Tuesday and yesterday stepped up to our stiffest challenge yet by playing in sessions called Gold Rush. The points awarded to the winners are gold, which eventually you need for a life master designation. We went to see the St. Louis Arch yesterday and then played twice.

The afternoon session was a real treat. We played well, came first in our group and earned 1.65 gold points. That may not sound like much but we were very pleased. Then we played at night and lost our edge completely. We had trouble focusing and did not play up to our ability.

So what did I learn from this? We need to pace ourselves. We have two days left before our championship tournament begins. Those days will be more relaxing with less bridge on the schedule. The good news is we still consider each event a part of the overall experience. We have showed we can play well and we are learning our limits. This reminds me of all those years preparing for a big baseball tournament. The preparation does not start the day of the event but well in advance. We came here early for our final preparations and that is exactly what we are doing.

Canadian bridge players are doing exceptionally well in St. Louis. In the prestigious Vanderbilt teams competition, a Canadian team has made it to the final 16, a huge accomplishment. Two of those players are from our local club back home! We had a chance to visit with them late last night and it was memorable.

Jeff, Dave and I are having fun and enjoying every minute. Dave watched us play during the afternoon session yesterday so just maybe he is good luck. He has committed to watching during the weekend so we have all of our bases covered!

I speak about connecting with people even when things are not going your way. We are still very much connected and in many ways stronger than ever. Now that is a good feeling, far more important than gold points!

John Hindle, The Contact Hitter


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