Blog #7 The Aftermath

We played all day yesterday in the North American C Championships. What a challenge! They were the toughest bridge hands we have ever played. They tested every aspect of our game and at times exposed our weaknesses. After a poor start, we stayed positive and made a great comeback.

Alas, after 50+ hands of bridge we fell just a little short of qualifying for the finals on Sunday. Of course, you can look at times when you could have done better but I prefer to look at the positives. After a mere one year of playing duplicate bridge we challenged players with much more experience. We competed to the best of our ability and belonged in the championship. We showed ourselves we can play at this level.

I will take away so many memories. Watching Jeff play the very last hand of the tournament is one of them. He tried tactic after tactic, none working out until the very end, but his perseverance paid off and he made a tough contract. It was a wonderful conclusion to our bridge playing.

There is no other way to describe this experience other than as a trip of a lifetime. We formed connections with other players and especially the Canadians we met (a final Canadian dinner is planned for tonight). Jeff, Dave and I experienced all aspects of a North American Championship and strengthened our life-time bonds.

We are coming home as soon as the highways are opened. They predicted up to ten inches of snow in St. Louis today! We are coming home with the fondest of memories. Not the memory that we did not achieve the ultimate bridge success but knowing that we stood tall, wearing our Canada T-Shirts and jackets, and competed hard right to the last hand. The bridge crowd in St. Louis knew we were here. Many loved our Canada shirts and would ask, “So where are you guys from?”

I feel grateful for the opportunity and I want to thank you for allowing me to share the experience by reading about our exploits.


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