Book Launch Date May 22, 2012 at McNally Robinson

The book looks great, a book launch is set (May 22nd, 2012 at McNally Robinson in Winnipeg) and now there are just the details to attend to. I was asked the other day who is my target market for the book. This is a very valid question and I would advise anyone to identify a target market.

When I started to write the book, it was being written to business owners and managers. While there is a great deal of insight and material valuable to that audience, I found that the more I wrote, the more I realized my tips and concepts applied to virtually everyone. Who would not benefit by being part of a positive environment or developing better communication skills.

Why Can’t You Think Like Me for example began as a short piece in the communications chapter, but I realized as it grew and grew that this was one of my passions and so important to connecting with others that it needed to become an entire chapter. Such is the nature of writing. I believe it is critical to go with your passion and write about the topics and issues that most energize you.

So I suggest to you that the book can be a benefit to anyone! To date the response to the book has been extremely positive.


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