Blog #2 Final Preparations

Ever since last November when we won the right to represent our section in St. Louis, my bridge partner and I have been on a crash course to learn as much as possible about the game. Initially, we thought we could learn a new bidding system in a couple of months. How naive we were! People spend years refining their bidding systems and learning the nuances of playing the cards. Who knew it was so complicated?
To be fair, we ...

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A New Adventure

A New Adventure – North American Pairs Bridge Championships, St. Louis, 2013

Blog #1 How did this happen?

I started playing bridge when I attended the University of Manitoba many years ago. At times, I found playing bridge more enjoyable than going to classes! Over the years, my buddies and I have played casual bridge on many fishing trips and on a rare occasion at home.

All that changed a little more than a year ago when a long-time ...

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November 11, 2012

Part of this is an excerpt from something I wrote previously. Remembrance Day – the thought of what my Dad went through during World War II is humbling. I feel such a sense of debt and gratitude.

In the spring of 2009, I stood on the beaches of Normandy and was mesmerized. I felt like I had been transported back 60+ years to that horrific and memorable day in June of 1944 when the largest sea invasion in history took place. ...

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Worth The Effort

I had a wonderful visit with a long-time friend the other day. We have known each other since before high school and have maintained a valued friendship for decades. Every time we get together there is chemistry, a genuine caring for each other, and a sense of honesty in our relationship that is so refreshing. We have played and worked together on many teams and my life is richer because he is in it.

But here is the thing. After we ...

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