I have recently completed my new book on how to be a good contact hitter and connect with people. It is written – all I need to do now is to have the cover completed, secure my references, proof the final copy, align the illustrations, write the author bio, finalize formatting, decide on whether I want a foreword to the book, complete the cataloguing-in-publication data page and arrange for an ISBN number. Oh, there is one other item. I need to finalize a title for the book. I just can’t find the one I want.

Once the book is sent to the printer (at least I know I want to use Friesen’s), I need to prepare for and finalize a book launch, develop a marketing plan, implement a sales strategy, arrange to have the book turned into an eBook, and ensure it is available as a print-on-demand product.

Did I mention that I like writing?

I really do enjoy the process. Some days are better than others but all in all it is a very rewarding experience. My advice is to write for yourself. Write about something you care about and want to share with others. But the number one piece of advice I can offer is just start writing. Do not get bogged down in all of the periphery issues. Until you write the book, there is nothing to worry about!

There is no set time frame to finish a book. You may end up with a deadline but I believe a book is ready when you feel it is ready. That works as long as you are not a perfectionist in which case the book will never be ready because no book is perfect.

The problem many people face is they want to write a book but never get around to writing that book. That is why people like my friend, Les Kletke (www.globalghostwriter.com), are having such success as a book coach and ghost writer. People need help to get a writing project completed.

So yes I feel good about nearing the end of the journey on this project. And I can hardly wait to get back to the fun part – writing my next book!


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