Finding an Opportunity to Say Thank You

Investing the Time & Finding an Opportunity to Say Thank You

Jim was my baseball coach when I was in my early twenties. And even though that was many years ago, the fond memories of the time we shared together are still strong and positive. Jim taught me more about baseball than I knew was possible. He helped me become a student of the game. He also taught me a lot about life, as a good coach is apt to do.

I’m sure I thanked him for coaching at the end of our last season together. However, only time and growing-up could help me fully appreciate how special he was and how much I had learned from him. Here I was 30+ years later able to tell him thanks again. Only this time, it was a deeper appreciation because I realized how gracious, how understanding, how patient and how truly amazing a man he is.

The man I saw the other day in the restaurant had aged but he was the same man. With a sparkle in his eyes, he remembered and talked of games, places and people. He reminded me of the character of our teams and how well we connected with one another. He remained gracious and positive. I made sure I told him how important his baseball and life lessons were for me. It was a real joy to spend a couple of hours with and to reconnect with Jim and Anne. The fact that one of their children, who I had known only as a child, joined us made the meeting even more special.

I ask you – How many people have touched your life in a meaningful and positive manner? Did your appreciation of them grow as time passed and as you realized how significant the relationship was to you? And now the important question – what did you do when you came to this realization?

When someone impacts you in such a profound manner, I believe it is incumbent on you to let them know. Sometimes we do not even realize how we have impacted others. Only if someone takes the time to tell us will we ever know.

Who in your life could you seek out and reconnect with for the primary purpose of saying thanks? I encourage you to do so. Perhaps you, like I do, will feel a great sense of good will that you took the time to reconnect.

John Hindle, The Contact Hitter


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