John’s first speech back after his heart attack. He tells parts of the intense and sometimes funny story of his 16 hour ordeal when he was convinced he was not going to make it and then shares some insights about his recovery.


Book Launch Excerpts
This is a 4:30 video of the launching of John’s newest book, Making Contact: How To Connect With People. He tells a story and hints what else is in the book.


Love In a Jar
Leaving the Winnipeg Goldeyes after eight years was a difficult decision. Hear how John took this momentous occasion in his life and learned a powerful lesson – one that everyone can benefit from.


Leading When The Lights Go Out
What do you do when something goes wrong? Do you fix the problem immediately or find out who is to blame. John takes a big mistake and turns it into a powerful learning moment through this bizarre story.


The Magic Of Opening Day
John was the general manager of the Winnipeg Goldeyes Baseball Club. Opening Days were special but none more special than the first one in 1994. Come along with John as he takes you on a journey leading up to that first game.


John’s radio interview on January 20,2015 with Dahlia Kurtz