Listening to Your Instincts


During my recent speaking engagements, I have been talking about the use of instincts and their importance in taking action. I believe we need to listen to our instincts. To start with we need to become good listeners – to ourselves! We need to hear what our inner voice is saying, clear any action with the brain, and then bravely move forward.

So much of my success has come from trusting these instincts. I started Home Run Sports based on an instinct while I was standing in a warehouse in southern California. I was offered the rights to sell a baseball product throughout Canada if I committed to buying $5000 worth of baseballs. I did not have the money nor did I have any idea how to sell across this vast country but my instincts were screaming at me to act.

I was offered the job as general manager of the Winnipeg Goldeyes partly based on answering a question on instinct. I did not even know at the time that I was in a job interview!

Are you good at listening to your instincts? Do you allow the unknown to hold you back because there is some risk involved? Isn’t it time you trusted yourself? I hope you can all find the strength to believe in your instincts and act. Start by being open to listening to them.

The only caveat I place on acting on your instincts is to ensure that your brain is in charge of your actions because on occasion, your instinct may be way off base or dangerous. Consider this for example: when I went in a hot air balloon ride over the desert in Arizona, my instinct was to jump out of the balloon! I am lucky to have made it down to the ground safely. Fortunately, my brain had just enough control to keep me inside the balloon.

I strongly believe you should listen to your instincts once your brain has cleared your actions for take-off!


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