Living with an Angel

Living with an Angel

 I talk and write about connecting and while I mostly mean with other people, I have made some other powerful connections in my life. My favourite place on the ocean where the waves crash about, the peaceful channel at the lake where the smells of nature overcome me, and most recently the powerful connection I formed with our new dog, Spice.

A short 3 ½ months ago we rescued a border collie whose name was Spice. She was eight years old and had a disposition so sweet it was impossible not to be taken in by her charm.

She loved to fetch a ball and LOVED being close to us. In fact, leaving her alone was difficult. She would come every time she was called – yes, every time no matter what fun she was having. She was a little shy but warmed to all people quickly.

She was loyal and well-behaved and unconditionally cherished both my wife, Bev, and I equally. Every morning we would wake up anxious to greet her and share in her love. We went for walks, snuggled on the couch, and together greeted everyone who came to visit. She shared in all of our experiences with wonder and joy.

In the short period of time she was with us, Spice changed our world. She was a focus and loving her was something that Bev and I could share and enjoy together. That is a wonderful thing about love. It is virtually limitless! And with Spice in our lives the amount of love flowing in this house was really high.

Blood had pooled around her heart making it difficult to breathe. Spice was so sick that day she could not be happy. But she knew we loved her right to the very end and we knew she loved us.

I know many others have felt loss and can understand how we feel. I hope I am sensitive to other people’s struggles in dealing with loss now and in the future. The pain is very real.

I see visions of her everywhere. I would not give up one moment of the unbridled love we shared with Spice regardless of how awful and empty I feel today. And we know she has been freed from her physical struggles.

John Hindle, The Contact Hitter





  1. Janet McGillivray  September 19, 2015

    Beautifully written tribute to Spice! You put into words exactly what John & I have experienced over the almost
    30 years we have been blessed to live with Shelties.


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