Momentum Forward

Momentum Forward

Was summer the experience you were planning or hoping for? The pace changes for many in the summer and I am no different. I spend more time in nature which I find cleanses the soul. The number of commitments, at least for me, reduces to a slower pace in the summer so I find more time to figure out what I really want to accomplish.

During this lull in the action this summer, I found the will and desire to start writing again. And what a great feeling! I have learned that I love to write. The creative juices flow and there is a product when you are done that can be viewed and evaluated. I am not writing a book, I am just writing stories about my life that are interesting, at least to me. We’ll see where the process leads.

Were you able to start a project that you have been putting off? Perhaps you cannot complete your project as you would like because you only have time to get started. Well start then! Many people have asked me what the process is for writing a book. My answer is always the same – “start writing!” It is the same with any project. You can’t complete a project unless you start it.

To start, you need to be connected with yourself to know where those priorities lie. That is where being in nature at a slower pace worked for me. I took the time to understand what was important to me instead of just reacting to the next demand or responding to the next email or text message. I encourage you to figure out what is important to you and to take action.

I also made a concerted effort to stay in touch or to re-engage with some people in my life. It does take some effort but is it ever worth it! How many people that we like do we lose touch with? Too many. I do NOT have so many friends that I want to lose touch with people I truly enjoy.

As we head back to our more normal existence in September, remember it does not take too much time to reach out and stay connected. And you don’t have to completely hold off on all those projects you would like to do. You still need to take those few moments for yourself that make you feel grounded or contented.

I am going to continue to write. I am going to continue to experience nature. Maybe not at the same intensity as during the summer but enough to keep my momentum going forward. I hope you keep your momentum moving forward with the challenges you find most rewarding.

John Hindle, The Contact Hitter


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