Momondays Really is Special

Momondays 2016

I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but momondays lately has been fabulous. During every show, something special happens that brings a smile to my face and warms my heart!

Momondays is held approximately every six weeks at Celebrations Dinner Theatre. The cost is low ($15 plus small agency fee), the experience is upbeat, and the quality continues to increase. I’ve always known there was a lot of talent in Winnipeg and it just keeps on coming out and shining on the momondays stage …speakers, singers, entertainers!

Last show we honoured the deaf community and had every speaker signed or interpreted. It was special to watch. The show before that Monica Goermann and her aerial gymnasts entertained us. It was mesmerizing! The show before that… (you get the idea. every show is unique and entertaining!)

I keep thinking there should be more people in the audience watching these amazing shows. We only have two shows left this year – October 24th and November 28th. Please mark your calendars if you live near Winnipeg and come out and enjoy a wonderful night out.

October features Michael Bayer, a great speaker & humourist I know well, a couple of life coaches with interesting stories to tell, and the Canad Inns banquet manager! Ginny Sudlow from SuperFUNtasticEvent will entertain and we are supporting thre Knowles Centre.

November we will have Dancing Gabe in the house and Sierra Noble singing. We will be supporting the Children’s Hospital and have five fabulous speakers.

Fun! Affordable! Entertaining! You really need to check it out. Momondays is good for our community. More info at

John Hindle, The Contact Hitter


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