Planning For the Future Can Be Healthy

Planning For the Future Can Be Healthy

My recovery after my heart attack was very slow. There was a period of time where I essentially lived day to day – hoping one day was better than the next.

The day I booked Pan-American Games tickets in Toronto for July 2015 changed everything. It was the first time I had looked to the future and believed I was going to be around to live it. Living day to day is hard. Seeing a potential light at the end of the tunnel and what is to come is very important to maintain a healthy outlook.

Last week my plan for the future became a reality of the present! I attended the Pan-Am Games. I like most sports and we saw quite a variety of athletes. Rugby, water polo, field hockey, baseball, softball …Everything we saw was entertaining. Some games were one-sided – some were unbelievably exciting and were decided on the last play of the game. We cheered Canada on to gold medals and saw disappointed athletes give it their all but come up short.

All of the events felt special, to me as I was living out a plan I had formulated at a time when I was not really confident I would be able to achieve any future plans! In fact, the trip became so much more when it evolved into a family reunion in Collingwood which was unexpected and very special.

My recovery is almost one year long and I have made great progress. My new physical reality has stabilized and I can do most of what I could do before the heart attack. Life is good!

But I have realized that planning and thinking about the future can be very beneficial to one’s mental and spiritual health. I do want to live and enjoy each moment and seize the day but I also want to enjoy the planning stage and anticipation that comes from looking forward to many adventures to come in my future. These can be major trips or modest goals. Either way, they are reasons to look to the future with a positive view.

I hope anyone in a recovery phase of their life can handle their present challenges and even appreciate where they are at in their recovery but also look ahead to what might come. Both are part of appreciating and even enjoying the journey to the max!

John Hindle, The Contact Hitter



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