November 9, 2011
This week I feel a strong connection to my dad as Remembrance Day approaches. In the spring of 2009, I stood on the beaches of Normandy and was mesmerized. I felt like I had been transported back 60+ years to that horrific and memorable day in June of 1944 when the largest sea invasion in history took place. The terror, the sacrifice, the valor – it was as if I was watching it in a movie, except my dad was in the movie! As I stood on that quiet beach, those moments changed me forever. I will remember them as long as I live.
Suddenly, World War II and the deepness of the sacrifice made by so many men sunk deep within me. I was upset with myself for not going to Juno Beach earlier with dad. Now I could only talk to his spirit and tell him thanks. I did stand on Juno Beach and talked to him – a great chat we should have had while he was still with us. I decided then and there that I would never again take Remembrance Day for granted and I would do my share to keep its significance alive. The men and women who are defending or who have defended our freedom deserve that.


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