John, your session with our people was fantastic. Every one of our supervisors learned a lot about communicating with people and it was more than they expected. They very much enjoyed the day and it was a great eye opener for all of us on communication.    Peter Paulic, Vice President and General Manager, Smook Contractors Ltd.

John provides half-day seminars with a focus on building your business or organization. John uses his background in building the Winnipeg Goldeyes Professional Baseball Club and Home Run Sports, the sporting goods business he founded. These two successful yet unique businesses form the backdrop for some of his message. He shares valuable tips and ideas that can be implemented immediately and can help promote a positive environment in any company.  A positive environment leads to more engaged employees and opportunities for people to connect and excel and for a business to succeed. John will work with an organization to make the presentation personal and relevant to them.

Making Contact

Connecting with people is integral to your success whether you are interested in building stronger teams, providing good customer service or being an effective leader. This session is designed to help all attendees understand how to connect with people and the benefits that are realized when they do so.

From building a positive environment to the thought-provoking conclusion, Love in a Jar, this engaging presentation will energize and encourage all attendees to look at their environment in a productive way. Managers, front-line staff and everyone in between can benefit from John’s common-sense approach to complicated issues.

The session includes information on how to deal with people whose ideas differ from your own, the magic in teambuilding, and leading when the lights go out. John uses stories and anecdotes from his business successes and failures to make the concepts relatable to everyone.

People attending a recent half-day seminar described it as:

Fun, relaxed, full of energy, interactive, enlightening, positive, insightful, inspirational,... ***you get the idea!

Customer Service

Would you like to build an environment where customers feel valued? Would you like to build your customer base and increase customer retention? This seminar was designed for you!

“The Customer is not always right but they are always the customer.” That is one of John’s favourite sayings. Customer service is an attitude – one that needs to permeate an organization to be effective. Throughout the half-day session attendees will explore:

Creating a positive environment; building a customer-focused culture; connecting with people; tips on providing extraordinary service; service when something goes wrong – all of these topics will be addressed during the seminar.

John Hindle speaks from experience. His dynamic presentations engage his audiences and provide real-world tools that his audience can use immediately. John uses stories, anecdotes and examples of his successes and failures to bring focus to his core message.

Seminars that focus on teambuilding or leadership are also available.

 Everyone who attends his seminars will leave with methods and concepts to be more attuned with the people around them which will lead to greater success. 

  • John Hindle cares. I have had the opportunity in over 35 years in the recreation/fitness/wellness industry to hire and listen to many dynamic keynote speakers. The measuring stick that is always used is “impact”. Did they get the job done? Was the desired end result evident in the audience? John Hindle ensures that he hits the ball out of the park ! I have never seen a pre-speaking information gathering process as thorough as John’s. He met with us, he attended sessions in the conference and got to know what was in the minds and hearts of our delegates. He asked us precision questions about our audience that allowed him to connect with them in an extraordinarily meaningful way. When it came time to deliver the Keynote, John was able to look into the eyes of the audience and know who he was speaking to. He knew their struggles and opportunities and crafted his speech based on what we needed them to hear to enhance their profession. He connected, he inspired, we laughed, we thought, we will march forward in a new way. Thanks John for caring enough about us to understand us and take us to the next level. – Gary Thompson DCR, BRS, MA, Director of Active Living, Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management, University of Manitoba

  • I have absolutely no problem providing a testimonial as I found so much of your presentation “Spot On” energetic and from the heart! Meeting you was a definite plus for me, as your zest for life, enthusiasm and interest were obvious and real…….and contagious! I will recommend you as a speaker at the drop of a hat to all and any. – Curtis Basso, MB Association of School Business Officials (2011)