Living Your Dream – Surviving Your Nightmare

In July of 2014, John survived a major heart attack. This spell-binding story of what happened forms the backdrop for his new presentation about heart health, surviving a near-death experience, and the lessons learned on the long road to recovery. Excerpts from his presentation can be viewed on YouTube — The Moment My Life Changed.

I was privileged to see John Hindle’s keynote at the Toastmasters District 64 Fall Conference. It was a masterful example of a true professional at work. He told the story of his recent heart attack and how it changed his life. The room was hanging on his every word as he took us through the difficult journey he is experiencing and the changes in his life. Thank you John and congratulations on a job well done.
Michael Bayer, CSP

Let’s Have Some Fun

John was the general manager of pro baseball teams for many years including the Winnipeg Goldeyes for the first eight seasons. His stories are entertaining and hilarious and will add value to any after dinner presentation, customer appreciation event, or awards banquet. Let John spice up one of your events!

We Can All Be Better Contact Hitters

In this presentation, John shares his experiences of successes and challenges and provides invaluable insights into how to successfully achieve one’s goals. Whether you are involved with clients, customers, colleagues, or are part of a team environment, John can help you become a better “contact hitter.” John uses real-life examples to demonstate what he learned in the trenches. John covers four bases with concepts that will be sure to ignite the energy hiding within and fan the flames of positive and lasting change. From “Opening Day” to “Love in the Jar”, John will bring his audiences into his journey. This presentation is packed full of valuable information and many take-away ideas that can make an immediate impact on the participants and can help them connect better with the people around them. And John does all of that in an entertaining way that is sure to leave his audiences wanting more.

When the Lights Go Out – (Amazing stories of misadventure)

During this fun and entertaining keynote, John weaves stories about his time in professional baseball and other adventures. Sit back and enjoy the ride as you hear about the characters and situations that will soon have you laughing out loud. Enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at a professional sports organization and be inspired by John’s stories about the challenges faced as Canada went for gold at the 2007 World Women’s Hockey Championship. While providing insight and entertainment, these strange but true stories also prove that work can be fun.

The Culture of Awesome Customer Service

You have heard the saying the customer is always right. John believes that “The customer is not always right but that they are always the customer!” This presentation will take you on a journey through John’s experience where customer service was the backbone of his successful business ventures. John describes the culture he created that made customer service a way of life. He explores the internal workings of an organization, helps his audience look at the world through the eyes of the customer, and relishes in talking about those times when mistakes happen and how to use those times to make powerful connections with your clients and staff alike.

Connecting With Your Audience

John shares an in-depth look at how to deliver your speeches and presentations in a manner that will engage your audience and keep them entertained and listening to your message. He provides easy-to-follow tips that can make an immediate impact on your delivery. He focuses on the speech opening, the use of personal stories, mistakes that speakers make, and how to overcome your apprehension. He provides take-away tools throughout this presentation that will help you lift your presentations or communication skills to the next level.

Why Hire John?

  • John can entertain as well as make a difference to your organization
  • John works with organizations that want to develop meaningful relationships with people
  •  John can assist an organization to bring them more clients
  •  John can help teams be more engaged