Sharing the Experiences

Sharing the Experiences – June 20, 2013

I had an incredible experience this past weekend. When I look at the background into how it came about, it brings a smile to my face. In 2004, I was operating the Sioux Falls Canaries Professional Baseball club and I hired a young man to be out on-air radio broadcaster. That was his first attempt at being a solo announcer on air.

Justin Kutcher was talented at his craft and we formed a friendship in that year we spent together. When we parted, he smiled at me and said, “If I ever make it to the show, I’ll call you!”

We have stayed in touch sporadically over the years as I watched Justin develop as a broadcaster at ESPN and Fox Sports. Several weeks ago, I received the call informing me he was broadcasting his first Major League Baseball game. How exciting! I was very proud of him. Not many people verbalize a dream and then work at it until it is accomplished. Justin did! I accepted his invitation to come and watch him in action at the Twins -Tigers game last Saturday at Target Field in Minneapolis.

We had an incredible weekend together. Justin was happy I was there and to watch him prepare and then deliver the TV broadcast was a real treat. Bert Blyleven, ex-Twins Hall of Fame pitcher, was the color analyst and to watch the two of them have fun pre-game and to listen to the stories was very entertaining. Bert was known for having one of the best curveballs in the game and he showed us how he held the ball before delivering the pitch. For a couple of baseball fans, that was special, especially when he compared his grip to other Hall of Fame pitchers.

We golfed earlier in the day at the famous Hazeltine Golf Club, met some wonderful people, watched an incredible baseball game, and caught had a great visit. All in all it was special!
I seem to be on a roll lately living some wonderful experiences. This trip, my duplicate bridge adventure to St. Louis with my lifetime friend in March, our 25th anniversary trip to Victoria and ride back on the train in April… This has been a spring to remember.

And what do all of these experiences have in common?… the strong connections that have been maintained over the years. Justin and I formed a strong bond in Sioux Falls that has lasted for nine years. My bridge partner, Jeff and I have been connected for virtually a lifetime, and family connections in Victoria which will be treasured for our whole lives.

I wrote recently about living an experience to the fullest. Sharing and living these experiences with people you care about, adds such incredible value. How important is it to foster your relationships, to reach out and connect with someone? Pretty important if you ask me. Is there someone in your life that needs to be connected with you? You will only reap the benefits of those connections if you maintain and foster them. Don’t put it off until tomorrow. Reach out and connect with someone today. It will make your life fuller.

John Hindle, The Contact Hitter


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