Sharing Your Expertise

Sharing Your Expertise

Recently, my bridge partner and I were contacted by Bridge Canada to inform us we had qualified to represent our section at the North American Bridge Championships in Dallas, Texas. We leave on March 25th.

We were excited at the opportunity to face this significant challenge again, as we did last year in St. Louis. This year is different. We thought last year was luck. We were a little overwhelmed by the experience and did not perform at peak efficiency. No longer are we naïve and feel out of place. We have improved so dramatically in the past year that we have hopes of being very competitive.

One of the best things about living in Winnipeg is the great people that live here. Some of those people play bridge and play very well. What is special about them is their total willingness to help up and coming players. My partner and I have been the beneficiaries of that help. In fact, it is a primary reason why we have evolved.

Last year I spoke to some friendly bridge players from New York and they told me they would have to pay to receive help from a life master. They were astounded to hear that such experienced players had helped us free of charge. We do feel lucky and very appreciative but it says a lot about our home town people that they think to help others first.

A 2012 report from the Fraser Institute stated that Manitoba ranked first among Canadian provinces and territories for the percentage of the province’s total income donated to charity. Overall, 0.89 % of income earned in Manitoba was donated to charity. Only 0.64 % of Canada’s total income was donated to charity.

I think that attitude permeates our society here in Manitoba. The slogan on our license plate says “Friendly Manitoba.” Maybe it is because we have some harsh winters and we look out for each other, but whatever the reason, I like living here and I like the attitude.

I have helped others in my areas of expertise – not necessarily in bridge but as beginning speakers, someone wanting to learn how to swing a bat properly, or new business owners. Anyone who needs help need only ask where I come from. Color me proud!

John Hindle

The Contact Hitter


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