What is Outstanding Customer Service?

March 17/14 —

We are all customers at one time or another and we all would prefer to receive exceptional customer service. What is exceptional service and do we recognize it when we see it? I believe it has something to do with exceeding customer expectations.

One such experience recently happened to me. I was sitting with special friends on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii, eating lunch and watching the powerful ...

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The Book is Completed

March 5, 2012 – My new book, Making Contact ā€“ How To Connect With People was delivered to the printer yesterday. The intensity of that moment in time, when the project I have been working on for six months comes to fruition, amazes me. I understand the feeling of accomplishment. I expect to feel satisfied that a major project has now been completed. But where does the anxiety and apprehension come from?

Writing is very rewarding for me. Taking my thoughts ...

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