The Dallas Experience

The Dallas Experience

This experience in Dallas I am sharing with my lifetime friend cannot be measured in bridge master points. Yes, we came here to play bridge and to represent our home club, our section, and even our country. We have spent countless hours preparing and are as ready as we can be. But we also came here to share a lifetime experience. It doesn’t get much better than to be able to share a special experience with a person close to you.

Two friends who use to play bridge at university (yes, we skipped a few classes to play cards) have now taken their game to a higher level. And to have the right to compete in a North American Championship is very special to us. But living any significant experience is not all about the results.

To quote a common cliché, “It’s about the journey!” Our journey has been fun, challenging, and rewarding. And this trip is a major stage on that journey. It is so critical to appreciate your journey and the steps along the way and to remember the people who helped you along that journey. We have countless special people back home to thank who have helped us on our bridge journey. We have many other friends and family who support what we are trying to accomplish here because it is important to us. We are far from home and no one else is here that we know personally, but we do not feel alone. That is a good feeling!

We are on our fourth day in Dallas and the big tournament does not start until tomorrow. We have played well in our warm-up games and are enjoying Dallas. We went to the JFK Memorial today (picture is from the building where the shots were fired that hit JFK). Very moving. As Jeff told me yesterday, the tragic assassination is one of three days in his life he most remembers – the assassination of JFK, along with the landing on the moon and 911. We both remember where we were when these three events happened.

To everyone who has reached out to us – thank you! We are here to do well in a bridge tournament but we are going to be winners regardless of that outcome and part of that is because of you and your support.



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