The Power of a Team

The Power of a Team

In Winnipeg this week, I was privileged to be part of the organizing committee of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) national convention. What a rewarding experience! The afterglow of a successful venture is being felt by everyone involved. I truly believe there will be long-lasting benefits to our local Chapter of professional speakers because of the success of this convention.

What is it about working on a project that brings people closer together? There are many aspects, of course, but the key for me is feeling that what I do impacts other team members and vice-versa. The area of the convention that I was leading was my focus but I could not help but smile when I saw other volunteers engaged in their areas of focus with the same look and same passion as I had.

I kept thinking “We will be just fine” with so many passionate people on our team. When you think in terms of “we”, a powerful bond forms with your teammates and working on an event becomes much more rewarding.

To have successful teams, it is important to have good communication, recognize everyone’s contributions, and provide feedback and support to all team members. People perform different roles in organizing an event but they do so as part of a greater whole. The combined efforts working in unison far outperform people doing the same work in isolation. That is the power in teams.

If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to contribute to a team, jump in head first and fulfill your role with passion, help other teammates as issues arise, and feel the power of working for more than yourself.

I treasure the experience in working on this convention and I believe my teammates feel the same way! I hope you have the same opportunity soon. This is an inspirational way to connect with people.


John Hindle, The Contact Hitter


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