The Reno Experince

The Reno Experience

Four years ago my longest lifetime friend and I started to play duplicate bridge. He was worried about how to fill his time in retirement and we had a lot of fun playing bridge 40+ years ago in university. Hey, in university everything was fun!

We have had some success and some failures at the bridge table but we have always enjoyed the experience. Now we have qualified to represent our district from Canada at the North American Bridge Championships. We tried this a couple of years ago and did not do well. Now is our chance at redemption.

As with much in life, it is important to appreciate and enjoy the journey. That is exactly what we are doing. We have arrived early and played some warm-up games. Yesterday might have been the best bridge we have ever played. That is a good sign for the upcoming tournament.

But more importantly, I am sharing this experience with a friend that I have been through so much. There is a saying in bridge that you cannot “save your partner” (when he bids too high) but in my case, my partner literally saved my life. It was Jeff who was there when I had my major heart attack two years ago and drove me towards the hospital until we met the ambulance. Timing was so important during that attack to minimize heart damage that I was told that the time we saved may indeed have saved my life.

So we are here in Reno, Nevada sharing an experience of a lifetime. I have written in the past year that every experience seems special to me now because I am here to be a part of it, but this one is over the top.

I am fulfilling a passion for something I love to do and am able to share it with Jeff. I don’t know how we will do in the North American Championships but I do know I will cherish the moment. I am grateful to everyone who has been a part of my evolution in bridge and indeed to everyone who has supported me in these past two difficult years.

You will all be happy to know I am alive and well and “living the dream!”

Hope you are all doing the same.

John Hindle, The Contact Hitter


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