We’re # 2

We’re # 2

Five years ago, a lifetime friend told me he was trying to figure out what do after he retired. I suggested we play bridge. We had played decades ago during high school and university and occasionally on our annual fishing trips. He agreed and we started to play duplicate bridge.

Who knew that five years later we would be in Kansas City representing our club, our unit, our section, and our country in the North American Bridge Championships? Our tournament was a two day affair – 7+ hours per day of bridge. It was a marathon…not a sprint.

In bridge, you are trying to score higher than 50% as compared to all of the other teams. We scored 54%, 57%, 62% and 63% as we got better and better as the tournament went along. After over 100 hands and two grueling days, we scored 868 match points and came second to only one team from Michigan who scored 869 match points. It does not get closer than that.

It was a wonderful experience! We  played the best bridge of our lives. I shared the experience with lifetime and new friends alike. One night we listened to some jazz. We ate some Kansas City barbeque and we toured the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. We lived the experience to the fullest and came away as the 2nd best team in North America in our category. Five years of playing a game we loved culminated in this incredible experience!


Momondays – March 27th

Now I’m back and trying to get into the swing of things. First up is momondays which is being held next week, Monday March 27th.

The show includes people telling their personal stories, aerial gymnastics, magicians, improv experts and Juno award nominee, Jake Chenier … This is not a show you should miss. More info at www.momondays.com/winnipeg

Please let me know if you would like tickets for the show.


This is turning out already to be a pretty good year! Canada Games & Canadian Bridge Championships are in Winnipeg this year and I am involved with both. Some fun and entertaining speeches are coming up. I am still writing monthly for the local community paper, The Lance, and enjoying the time we get to spend with the grandkids.

Every adventure is an opportunity to add stories that I can tell in my speeches when they fit.

Life is good. I hope yours is, too!

John Hindle, The Contact Hitter



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