What a Year (so far!)

What a Year!

2016 is not half over but what a first half it has been. I had the most amazing news from my cardiologist in January. I had been suffering with chest pains and was concerned so he sent me for a MIBI test. The test was hard on me but the results were wonderful – my heart had actually improved function since the heart attack 18 months earlier. Yeah!

The chest pains were gone and my heart had improved so off I went to Hawaii on a vacation!

Since then I have participated in two major bridge championships. The first was in March in Reno, NV in the North American Championships and then recently in Toronto at the Canadian Bridge Championships. Both were big success stories. My lifetime friends and I won a silver medal in the Canadian Team Championship and my buddy Jeff and I came 7th in our category in Reno. Both were major accomplishments. Sharing these experiences with friends I have known for so long made both experiences extra special.

I still work on my health almost every day with cardio exercise. Now that the summer is nearing, I hope to spend some relaxing time at the lake making sure I take time to smell the pine trees. While forest fires devastated Alberta and Fort McMurray, we had our own problems. Our cottage sub-division was under a mandatory evacuation notice but a rare but fortunate southeast wind kept the fire four or so kilometers away until it rained.

The big news in our lives is the birth of our first granddaughter, Evelyn Ola! She came a bit early so she must be anxious to experience our wonderful world. She is sure a beauty and I look forward to watching her make her mark. She has already strengthened my heart!

Momonday on June 13th

And then there is momondays. This is one of the fun experiences that have become a part of my calendar every six weeks or so. Every momonday is entertaining but the upcoming one on June 13th is special because another long-time friend, John Melnick, is speaking. John survived a suicide attempt several years ago and now advocates for mental health and can be funny when he does so. I’m sure it will be a great night.

Tickets are only $15 plus GST and can be purchased through www.momondays.com/winnipeg Please come out and support this wonderful initiative and enjoy a fun night. Come by yourself or book a table for you and your friends of 4, 6, 8 or 10.

Here’s hoping the second half of the year is as rewarding as the first half. Remember to take time for yourself and take steps to leave any stress in your life behind for a while. Best of the summer to you and yours and don’t forget to stop and smell the pine trees.

John Hindle, The Contact Hitter



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