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What Happened to the Summer?

Is life going faster these days or was this summer unusual? The weather has been abnormal – that is for sure! We were at the lake on a leisurely boat ride when we first noticed a column of smoke in the air. That was the start of the Caddy Lake forest fire that caused our evacuation from the cottage. Fortunes shone down on us, however, as a very unusual southeast wind blew for four days and stopped the fire from engulfing our piece of heaven on earth.

Then another evacuation a month later as incredible rains caused the lake to rise to unprecedented levels and worry existed that the roads would not withstand the pressure. Strange weather indeed!

But there were so many wonderful moments this summer and especially my visits with my children and grandchildren. I went to Boston to see my daughter and experience her life there. Boston is a great city to visit and it was wonderful to connect with her in person.

And then we had my son and family including our two grandchildren out to the lake for a couple of days. Two year old, Nicholas, stared at the lake the entire time with wonder. Three month old, Evelyn, slept most of the time but was so cute doing so. The cottage will never be quite the same after those wonderful memories.

Now fall is approaching and life seems to accelerate at a quicker pace. I really love this time of year as the days cool off and colours come to life. I seem to breathe more deeply and feel the serenity more in nature. I like to wear shorts until it is impossible to do so.

I also am impacted by Toastmasters coming back to life and momondays starting up again. I am still involved with momondays and enjoying the positive experience. Every show brings surprises. The talent in Winnipeg is amazing and speakers, musicians and entertainers alike are all ready to inspire and bring fun to our lives Momondays is simply a nice night out.

This is what is lined up for September 19:

Helene Massicotte – “You Never Know” talks about physical and fiscal fitness and trying something new.

Suzanne St. Yves – “Learning My Worth” is an adventurer who has traveled the world and has worked in the Deaf Community.

Christine Spink-Mitchell – “Story Hands” has been a well-known Deaf Storyteller for over 20 years.

Ila Barker – “Music Magic” is a singer-songwriter with unique lyrics and has performed across Canada.

100 Decibels is a high-energy Physical Comedy troupe featuring Joanna Hawkins and Christopher Bryan de Guzman who have been professionally trained in mime, physical comedy and storytelling.

There will be poems recited, a repeat singer making a guest appearance and more…

Please come out and support this wonderful initiative either on your own or at a table of 4, 6, 8, or 10. Upcoming shows are Oct. 24th and Nov. 28th. Tickets and info available at www.momondays.com/winnipeg.

I hope your summer was rewarding and you enjoy the uniqueness of your autumn season. Don’t forget to take some deep breaths!


Warm regards,


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