Why do we invest our time?

Why do we do some of the things we do, especially things we do not feel compelled to do? I wonder about that on occasion, as I feel the anxiety just before I go on stage to speak. There were hours of preparation and practice. Why do I want to be a professional speaker? Last Thursday evening’s presentation reminded me why! The positive flow of energy that filled that room was fun and inspiring.

The presentation took place at Meadowood United Church. Funds were raised to support a worthwhile charitable cause and I knew it was the right thing to do to give back to my community.

What I did not know was how much fun I was going to have and how many people I would connect with. I learned some time ago that no matter whether an organization is paying me thousands of dollars to give a presentation or whether it is a volunteer engagement in support of a worthwhile event, the amount of time, energy and commitment is essentially the same.

I am not keen to go on stage when I am not properly prepared. I was prepared last Thursday and as I have coached many speakers in the past, being prepared is half the battle. It is also important to be in the moment and fully engaged, which just happens to be one of the issues I talk about. A receptive audience certainly helps and a speaker and the people in the audience feed off of each other. That certainly happened last Thursday.

That speech helped clarify for me why I am a professional speaker. What energizes you and makes you feel positive? Perhaps you should evaluate where you are investing your time to determine if your investments are working for you. Are you meeting your goals? Does your investment of time and talent support a higher purpose or does it energize you? If it does, good for you – keep making the commitment. If not, maybe now is the time to change direction and use your time and skills in a manner and for a purpose that does.

Be in the moment. Feel the passion for what you do. Whether you re-energize yourself with your current time investments or find new ones, I hope you can feel a sense of fulfillment. That is something that we all cherish.


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